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This Blog is a great way to reach the masses, build food and health awareness. I love sharing insider tips on how to begin and become healhier. When I started blogging 10 years ago, I felt that i have contributed to a better life, better food choices and that brings me pure pleasure.

Food substitutions

  As I always say, food quality and quantity are both important to lower our body fat percentage. This is an easy chart for you to know that you can still eat some of your favorite food, but with less fat and calories. It can also be very useful after your holidays....

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Are you a soft Drink Addict?

A few days ago, some university students called me for their final  project: They wanted to talk about the side effects of soft drinks, even the diet ones, why are they addictive, and do they really cause cancer? And I have noticed that a lot of young people...

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I Love Berries!

Berries may be red, black or blue, depending on their species. All types of berries are nutritious and low in calories! One cup contains only 83 calories! Cranberries and blueberries contain a substance that may prevent bladder infections. Eating a diet rich in...

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Whose mixing Seafood with Dairy?

I hear that a lot people don't like to mix fish and dairy products (such as yogurt) together as it can be poisoning and can lead to some allergies! But Is that true?? Maybe it's not that tasty to mix it  together, but if that was harmful, maybe more than half the...

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Helping people heal their relationship with food,  Mira's aim is to partner with you on your Food Peace journey.

Creating Healthy Menus

Focusing on modifying healthy nutrition habits to practice, rather than changing the whole restaurant menu.

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Mira is dedicated to provide healthy tips regulary, sharing many health topics that will benefit everyone.


Mira is engaged in public speaking and our complicated relationship with food and body. Invite her to speak here.

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Teaching you how to control your meals and snacks quality and quantity, how to conduct a healthier lifestyle to glow from the inside out.

Being healthy is so easy! Don’t make it hard!

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