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This Blog is a great way to reach the masses, build food and health awareness. I love sharing insider tips on how to begin and become healhier. When I started blogging 10 years ago, I felt that i have contributed to a better life, better food choices and that brings me pure pleasure.

Egg White or Egg Yolk??

Happy Easter! You must have seen people removing the egg yolk from the egg and only having the egg whites! This is because egg yolk is high in fat and cholesterol. But eggs are considered a  healthy food to have! And egg yolks do provide their own health benefits, so...

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Eat Fruits Everyday! Why?

I love Fruits! I eat at least a different kind everyday! And hey! You need to consider that too 😉 1- Hydration: Whether it was soft or crunchy, fruits consist mostly of water, keeping us hydrated. When being well hydrated, chances of cramps and migraines will be...

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Fight Bloating!

Bloating is a major problem that we are facing due to abdominal problems, excessive food or even some food allergies.. Bloating and gas gas are usually tied to what and how you eat or drink.. We know already that fizzy drinks should be cut and eating slowly is a...

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Guess What!?

Did You Know that... A- Eating 3 to 5  bananas a day prevents high blood pressure problems! And for people who have already  high blood pressure, this intake will minimize it to the max, due to its high potassium content  and its very low sodium content. Sodium is the...

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PMS Bloating and Water Retention

Almost all girls know about this word but maybe not all of them know what does it mean exactly! PMS refers to the term Premenstrual Syndrome which is somehow a warning of an approaching period because of some physical or psychological changes (sometimes both) in the...

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Kastana Time!

It's winter time and Christmas time! Chestnuts are one of my favorite winter treats. It reminds me of Christmas and celebration time and family gatherings. A lot of people ask me how fattening Chestnuts might be (known also by Kastana) Good news for everyone!...

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Popcorn Time!

That's my favorite snack. And all my friends know me as a popcorn addict! What's better than eating a box of popcorn while watching a movie?? Compared to other snack food, popcorn is low in calories, healthy and nutritious. It doesn’t contain any preservatives unlike...

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White or Brown Rice!

We all know that brown rice is healthier than the white rice! But do you know the difference?? Actually The nutritional differences between brown rice and white rice are not as dramatic as many people think! Personally I'm not picky regarding that, I eat white rice...

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