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Get rid of your old eating habits and start practising new effective long-term ones! Through this program, Mira will teach you how to choose your daily meals from breakfast till late snacks, and you won’t be out of track! You will be sending your daily meals as she wants to make sure you’re starting right on this healthy journey. Challenge yourself because you can do it!


  • A first consultation and a full screening of your past experiences with weight problems or medical conditions.
  • Details about your goal, needs, good and bad habits and the time needed to reach that goal
  • Measurement chart and progress.
  • Needed nutritional chart advices.
  • A personalized full diet plan, taking into consideration your vitamins deficiencies.
  • Training programs regimens depending on your fitness level and your specific goal.
  • 1 Weekly follow-up (a timed suitable day) via what’s up or skype.


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Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Mira Khattar. I’m an experienced Dietitian providing consultations in Kuwait, Lebanon and the region.

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